4G Home Phone

With a 4G wireless broadband connection, you don’t actually need a traditional copper landline. But what if you still want a home phone?

Copper phone lines have had their day, but how can I keep my number?

If you’re used to slow or unreliable copper broadband, switching to 4G broadband can be truly liberating! With high-speed internet access now available in even the most remote of areas, you’ll be able to stream videos, listen to music and play multiplayer games.

With a 4G broadband connection, you don’t need a copper landline and can actually cancel the service altogether if you wish to do so. If you don’t even have a landline phone plugged in, this is usually the best option for you as you’ll save money paying for line rental you don’t actually use. However, there are some instances where you might want to keep your home phone line, or even just the number and have it permanently diverted to your mobile. This might be the case if you have friends or family who know the number and instinctively call you on it, or perhaps you’ve used it as a business line over the years and would not want to miss any incoming calls. The good news is, even without a copper landline, we’re able to provide you with a home phone service over your 4G internet connection.

Lady using home phone

How does it work?

We 'port' your number

We’ll ask whoever currently supplies your phone number to send any incoming calls to us instead, using our own cloud-based telephone exchange technology.

We install a black box

We’ll install a small black box and connect it to your home phone. This box will speak to our telephone exchange over the 4G internet connection we provide.

Use as normal!

Your phone will behave exactly as it did before – it works using the 4G internet connection as opposed to copper wiring, so you can cancel your line rental contract!

How much does it cost?

You new 4G-powered landline will cost you £25 inc VAT upfront for the installation and number porting, and then an ongoing fee of £15.00/month inc VAT. This includes unlimited UK landline calls (01/02/03) and 250 minutes to UK mobiles (07).

You’ll be able to make outgoing calls using the same phone number and these rates will be explained to you before you sign up

What features does it have?


We can enable a voicemail box (free of charge) so people can leave you a message if you can’t answer. Messages are e-mailed to you so they can be retrieved anywhere.

Call divert

Calls can be diverted somewhere else if you’re busy, don’t pick up or even permanently. We can also do this automatically at set times of the day.

Privacy features

You’ll get Caller ID as standard (where available) and the ability to block incoming calls from withheld or specified numbers. Incoming calls can be prevented overnight.

What happens if the 4G goes down?

As the phone service runs over 4G, if your power or mobile connection should drop out, the phone won’t work. However, we can automatically divert calls somewhere else if this happens – i.e. to a mobile, voicemail or another number. 

Sorry, our 4G Home Phone service is currently unavailable.