Frequently Asked Questions

4G broadband is a fairly new concept, so we’re here to answer any questions you may have.

Questions about 4G Broadband

The speed available to you will depend on a few factors – firstly, the distance between your property and the nearest mobile phone mast and secondly which networks are available on the mast and how much capacity they have. The best way to be sure is for us to conduct a free site survey, during which we’ll test speeds on 3 different networks to find the best option. We’ll let you know what speeds we are able to achieve.

The vast majority of our customers experience speeds in the range of 30-50mbps, however, we have some customers achieving 90mbps. The theoretical limit for 4G broadband is 300mbps, and all the hardware we supply is capable of this, so as the mobile operators invest in their network and improve speeds you’ll find that your connection automatically gets faster.

4G broadband is now used far & wide in the UK, including by the government and emergency services. Networks have invested heavily to ensure that their mast sites and ground connections are reliable and resilient. Businesses, local authorities and other agencies now rely on 4G to get their daily business done, so if an issue arises with the service, you can be sure it’ll be a top priority. Anecdotally we find 4G broadband to be just as reliable as fixed-line connections in West Wales.

Like any wireless signal, the closer you can get, the better! Indoor 4G routers tend to be manufactured cheaply and, although they can be perfectly suited to short-term use, you’ll find your connection to be much faster if you have a professionally installed antenna. During an installation we will conduct thorough testing to ensure you get the fastest possible speeds.

We supply a router capable of broadcasting a strong, dual-band WiFi signal around your home. The router also has 4 gigabit network ports, although we need to use one of them to accept the connection from the external antenna. We can provide more ports if you wish.

If your property is large or has thick walls, we can also provide an extra booster to make your WiFi signal stretch further.

The short answer: More than likely, yes.

The longer answer: This depends entirely on your signal strength and the speed available to you. Our site survey engineer will be able to explain to you what sort of usage you can expect your system to be capable of.

In our experience, due to the geography of West Wales, it’s impossible to guarantee which mobile network will have the better signal. We test 3 of the main networks on each site survey so we can let you know your options. This does mean that we can’t give you a guaranteed price for your service until we’ve tested, as the packages available will depend on coverage – but it depends what you’re looking for your 4G connection to achieve.

O2 and Vodafone connections:
No – we buy from these networks wholesale, which means that we will be your one and only contact for your 4G connection. Our team in Haverfordwest will look after everything from billing to customer support, so if you have any questions or need to make a change to your service, you can contact us directly. This means you won’t have to phone any call centres or wait days for a response to an e-mail!

EE connections:
Due to the way EE run their network, once we’ve installed your connection we’ll have to hand you over to them for billing and support. This means you’ll need to contact them directly to manage your account or report any issues.

Our system is set up to automatically restrict your connection if you hit your data limit. This stops you using more than you’ve paid for and racking up a huge bill. We’ll let you know if it looks like you’re approaching your limit and give you the option to buy an extra bundle to tide you over to the end of the month or alternatively you can upgrade your plan.

We offer all of our O2 and Vodafone connections on an initial 12-month contract, after which time we’ll transition you to a rolling 30-day contract. We don’t like locking customers in for 2 or even 3 years, as you might end up paying for something you no longer want or need. We’d much prefer you to stick with us because our service and solutions are the best on the market!

Customers using the EE network will have an 18-month initial contract direct with the network.

Questions about 4G Home Phone

In 95% of cases, yes. We’ll be able to check this and let you know before you place an order.

Absolutely – your number is yours to keep.

Not a problem! We can supply you a new one for no additional charge.

Certainly. You can have as many phone numbers as you like, all running over the same 4G Home Phone connection. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll be pleased to provide you with a discounted rate for any additional numbers you add.

When we set up your service, we’ll ask you how you’d like your incoming calls to be handled. Most people tend to allow calls to ring for 20 seconds before going to voicemail, but that’s up to you. 

Incoming calls which end up going to voicemail will allow the caller to leave a message. As soon as the message is left, it’ll be e-mailed to you as a WAV file so you can pick it up anywhere you please. If the Caller ID was visible at the time of the call, this will also be included in the text of the e-mail in case the caller forgot to leave their number.

Of course – we’ll give you instructions when you activate voicemail.

General queries

If you’re using the O2 or Vodafone networks, we’ll take payments out via Direct Debit on or around the 1st of each month, to cover the month in which the payment is taken. For example, a payment taken out on 1st April will cover April’s fees. Any additional fees incurred during the month, i.e. call costs or plan upgrades, will be taken on the next bill date. 

Bills are e-mailed on or around the first of the month.

If we are unable to take payment from your account for any reason, we’ll first try to contact you to find out what’s wrong. If we can’t get hold of you, or if you refuse to pay, we’ll suspend your connection immediately. If you are experiencing difficulties paying your bills please let us know beforehand, as if we suspend your account we may not be able to reinstate it. We try to be as fair and helpful as possible but we can only do so if you keep us in the loop. If you cancel your Direct Debit without discussing this with us first, we’ll suspend your connection immediately to prevent you incurring debts which you have no means of paying. 

If you’re using the EE network, your billing arrangement is set up directly between you and EE and we have no involvement.

If you have a question which isn't answered above, please feel free to contact us - we're happy to help!